I had a thought last night, it was a simple one...but still so very relevant.

Why are we so afraid to be ourselves? Afraid to show people (friends, family, significant others) the "real" in us. Is it because we are afraid that they won't love us if we do? Afraid that they won't like what they see? Terrified that our "imperfections" will be made fun of? 

I have probably a million quirky traits and habits, like most people... 

I have to make the bed every morning, no matter what. I go into bouts of hysterical laughter for no reason at all {typically in public places}. Sometimes I like to break into a dance routine when I have my headphones on in the morning and pretend like I'm in that iTunes commercial. I drink pickle juice straight from the jar. I coat everything in mustard. I wear hats all the time because it hides my face when working out and I feel like I'm an incognito ninja. I am manic about locking doors. If you are at my house I will literally pick your things up off of the counter and rearrange them for no reason other than the fact that I'm a neat freak. At the grocery store checkout I have to arrange things in order of how I want them bagged. When I get nervous I say the alphabet backwards. None of my food can touch when I eat it, all has to be separated. I eat my morning oatmeal with a baby spoon because I like how tiny it is. I'm an ugly crier. I bounce my knee when sitting because I always have too much energy. I constantly worry about my next move in life. I cannot CANNOT start the day without my New York Post horoscope. I can't sleep well without a fan on. I'm terrible with people's names but have a creepy photographic memory. I laugh like a lunatic when I get hurt. I'm a morning person even before coffee. I wear gym clothes way too much. I'm constantly thinking there is something in my teeth. I smile at strangers. I give way too many people hugs. I talk to everyone, everyone, and will know their life story in minutes. I hurt myself at least once a day because I'm moving around so quickly (chairs, tables, counter tops, nothing is safe)

This is the weird shit that makes me Kris... 

"Being unique is better than being perfect"