Getting Back Up..


I spoke to my brother this morning and even though he's in his twenties- and my baby brother- sometimes he can be wise beyond his years.

The last time I talked to him I told him about my trip to Costa Rica in April and how I had a pretty bad scare while surfing. I went headfirst over the edge of a wave, got thrown around, and ended up with the leash of my surfboard caught around my neck. I had a moment of, "I'm not coming up from this" that ended when I slammed into the sand- probably because I thought I was going to break my neck.

I haven't had many surfing incidents that have truly scared me- but this one threw me for a loop- literally and figuratively. I refused to catch a wave after that and swam in... pretty shaken up but too proud to admit it. I haven't been in the water since and I've been telling myself it's because I haven't had the time.

I didn't think too much about the story while I was telling it to my brother over the weekend- he had asked me when I was in the water last and I told him about it. Today when we spoke I forgot that I had even said anything.

We spent time catching up this morning and before we got off of the phone he stopped abruptly and goes, "do me a favor." I figured he needed something and so I paused in saying goodbye, when he continued with, "don't forget what it felt like the time you caught your first wave."

I was confused by what he said at first... and then realized he was going back to my Costa Rica surf story. He continued with, "You're probably scared now... but don't forget what that first wave felt like. That high...remember it"

Maybe in his head he was just telling me to get back out there on a surfboard but little did he know his advice could carry into so many facets of life and was so helpful to hear this morning. I'll have it running through my head all week... maybe longer.

How often do we let fear hold us back from giving it our all? How often do we let fear run our lives? Getting scared when we do something a little tough because we might not succeed- or not trying again when something goes wrong.

Don't let fear hold you back from feeling the high... try again, because the high is worth it. 

The high is more than worth it....