Cleansing, you see that word often. Typically associated with someone trying to lose a few pounds on a cleanse. People wanting to shed some water weight before a big event, etc. Drinking a million juices a day in search for that perfect weight, the perfect body.

But why? What for I mean.... are they looking for happiness? If they are, they damn well aren't going to find it in the bottom of a juice bottle.

What about cleansing for the soul and the mind? It's what I hoped to achieve while on a trip I recently took to Costa Rica- I wanted to get back to my center. De-stress, unwind... but is that ever really possible?

I read a quote by Cheryl Strayed on the flight over there that simply said, "how wild it was, to let it be." Let it be? What was "it" exactly? The constant nagging voice in my head, the questions about the future and what it held for me, job worries, family stuff? The list could go on really... but what if, what if I could just let it rest. Be wild, free.

Could I actually do that? 

The answer is yes, because that's what I did... from the moment I touched down in Costa Rica I felt it- the wildness of it all. I threw my makeup bag in the bottom of my suitcase- never to be touched while I was there. My outfits consisted of whatever I could find that I didn't mind sweating through within ten minutes. I didn't wear shoes. I was coated in a thick layer of dust 24/7 as a mountain bike was my mode of transportation. Showers were taken in the ocean... food was snagged at a local farmer's market- to be eaten with bare hands and knives on the beach. It tasted better that way...

It was wild.... and I fucking loved every dirty amazing second of it.

Something came alive in me there- this person I didn't know that I could be and the simplicity of it all was so freeing, so raw, so amazing. It's what I'm hoping to recreate with my retreat down there in April- I want other women to experience that feeling.

Raw, that's the word... raw and fearless. My emotions stripped down completely because they just weren't necessary to function- all I was worried about was, well, nothing actually. There were no timelines, no schedules, no get up rush and go.

I understand that not everyone can up and fly off to Costa Rica... but I think we can all take a minute to look deep into ourselves, quiet the noise, be honest about what it would mean to cleanse ourselves. Maybe that's just letting go of a friend who isn't good for you, breaking a bad habit, starting a new routine.

Am I making any sense? If not, I'm sorry.... it's the jungle magic, still got me under it's spell

"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air" -Emerson