Happiness in the Solitude

Being stuck inside due to a blizzard lends itself to plenty of free time to think, write, read {go a little stir crazy}.

I had a thought last night that kind of stopped me in my tracks... how does one figure out how to be happy without distraction, without noise? Are you truly happy if you cannot do that?

It's quite easy to be happy when you are surrounded by white noise- friends, action, day to day business... but what happens when all of that falls away? 

Happy in the alone time- that's the hard one.

Find happiness in the silence- hold on to it. Find happiness in the lonely, find happiness in discomfort, find happiness in the slow times. Find happiness, even if just for a second, in the dark times.

For won't that magnify the happiness in the good times?

"The quieter you become, the more you can hear...." -Ram Dass